Argentina Doubles Fee for Overstaying Tourist Visa

Argentina Overstay Visa Fee DoublesAs of March 1, 2015, Argentina has doubled the fee for overstaying your tourist visa for non-Mercosur residents from $300 pesos to $600 pesos. This also applies to extending your tourist visa by 90-days.

Considering that it was last changed almost 6 years ago, this was long overdue, and with the rate of inflation here, it’s still quite a bargain. In 2009, the fee was sextupled from $50 to $300, so doubling is almost nothing. Looking at this in dollar prices, the $300 fee in 2009 equated to U$S 81 while $600 pesos in 2015 equates to U$S 47 on the blue market.

You can pay this overstay fee at Ezeiza, Aeroparque and the Retiro bus terminal, but for other ports of exit you must pay the fee online in advance.


Graham Crackers!

It’s always nice to find flavors of home in import-adverse Argentina, whether it be peanut butter, maple syrup, pretzels, or whatever else you may miss…

This week I happened to find graham crackers in Buenos Aires. Ok, so maybe not graham crackers exactly, but these Quaker honey crackers are pretty damn close to the real thing.

Graham Crackers in Buenos Aires

Now it’s time to get making some pie crusts and smores!

Ahh, who am I kidding… I’ll just eat them from the pack, especially since marshmallows and Hershey’s chocolate bars are non-existent here.


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