Vegetable Seasons in Buenos Aires

I Don't Love ZapallitoI love globe squash.

Said no one ever. Luckily, I did not even know what a globe squash (zapallito) was before moving to Argentina. I’m sure this is something my mother would have tried to force me to eat had they been in our local supermarket.

Anyhow, hot on the heels of yesterday’s Fruit Seasons in Buenos Aires, I present you with the next installment – Vegetable Seasons in Buenos Aires. Yay.

Now you can plan out when you will torture your kids with getting them to eat their veggies.

[download the vegetable chart for yourself]

And yes, I know tomatoes are technically fruits, but people always forget that.


Fruit Seasons in Buenos Aires

I Love StrawberriesI love strawberries.

Back in the US, you do not think twice about going into the supermarket and buying strawberries whenever you want – fresh, frozen, organic – they’re always there.

In Buenos Aires, you quickly realize that fruit selection is seasonal. One day your local verduleria is stocked with strawberries, the next day they’re gone. After living here for seven years, I had a general idea of when they would come and go, but nothing concrete.

Well, no longer! Now, thanks to hours of effort, you have the Fruit Season Guide for Buenos Aires!

You’re welcome.

[download the fruit chart for yourself]

And yes, tomatoes and avocados are fruits.


How Much Money Can You Bring to Argentina?

Legally Bringing Money To ArgentinaNow that most tourists and expats know about the dollar blue, the question that often arises is “How much money can I bring into Argentina legally?

It’s pretty simple actually:

  • For those age 16 and older, you can legally enter the country with up to $10,000 United States dollars
  • For those under 16, you can legally enter the country with up to $5,000 United States dollars

For amounts from $10,000 and up, you need to declare the money upon entry to the county, though I’ve never once heard of anyone doing that. You can read the rules and regulations on the AFIP website.


Watch Mayweather vs Pacquiao for Free

The Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight this Saturday, May 2, in Las Vegas is being billed as the fight of the century.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao Watch FreeIt’s already set all kinds of records and it hasn’t even happened yet. Both Mayweather and Pacquiao will earn the largest payout in the history of sports. Mayweather was originally estimated to be making $120 million and Pacquiao $80 million, but those numbers have been revised upward to $180 million and $100 million.

To earn this kind of money, ticket prices were at a record high – seats started at $1,500 before prices were raised and the match sold out. Closed circuit TV sessions were priced at a record high of $150 a seat and also quickly sold out. Pay-per-view at home is also at a record high – $99.99, breaking the previous record of $74.99.

Well, get ready to laugh at our neighbors to the North for the insane amounts of money they’ll be spending. Jajaja! No $100 pay-per-view for us! In Argentina, we get to watch the boxing match absolutely free on Public TV (Canal 7) or on the Golden channel on DirecTV. (No word on what was actually paid for rights to the fight in Argentina, but it should help the Kirchneristas boost their appeal ahead of the elections.)

It’s not clear if the fight will air on the TV Pública website like the World Cup did, but if so, I hope they’re blocking access for anyone outside of Argentina. If not, that site is definitely going down. This might be the first time that people actually want a VPN to make it look like they’re inside the country.

So, thanks, Cristina… ¡Boxeo para todos!

Oh yeah… If you’re trying to figure out what to do with the $100 you just saved, you might want to consider donating to a domestic abuse shelter. Seems Mayweather is not a very nice guy with a long history of domestic abuse problems and very little repentance. Seems a shame that he’s making that much money.