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Graham Crackers!

It’s always nice to find flavors of home in import-adverse Argentina, whether it be peanut butter, maple syrup, pretzels, or whatever else you may miss…

This week I happened to find graham crackers in Buenos Aires. Ok, so maybe not graham crackers exactly, but these Quaker honey crackers are pretty damn close to the real thing.

Graham Crackers in Buenos Aires

Now it’s time to get making some pie crusts and smores!

Ahh, who am I kidding… I’ll just eat them from the pack, especially since marshmallows and Hershey’s chocolate bars are non-existent here.


Sugar Bar and El Tejano: The Match Made in BBQ and Beer Heaven

What happens when you cross the most popular expat bar in Buenos Aires with the best closed door barbecue in Buenos Aires?

A food coma and a buzz for sure, but also one of those meals that you end up talking about for awhile and making plans to go back again. Soon.

Sugar Bar and El Tejano BBQ MenuToday I had a chance to sample Sugar Bar’s new special BBQ menu from El Tejano which is launching this week to the public, and all I can say is “delicioso.” We had a chance to sample brisket and pulled pork, BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, hearty fries and amazing ribs. (Watch out Kansas, these are probably the best ribs in BA!)

Larry from El Tejano takes great pride in his BBQ and hot sauces, and it clearly shows. From his custom-made smoker to traveling outside of the capital to the butcher so that he can specify the exact way to cut the ribs, no detail has been left out and the flavors were amazing.

Amazing Barbecue Menu!We’d strongly suggest you get over to Sugar for lunch or dinner and check out this new menu. You’ll also have a chance to check out the many improvements that have been made to the bar itself. Wit  all new projectors, flat screens and a state-of-the-art sound system, this will be the best place in Palermo Soho to watch the World Cup matches – and eat some amazing BBQ at the same time.


It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Many an expat’s lament about living in Argentina is missing the things from home. One of the things at the top of that list for American expats has been peanut butter. Check any expat forum or blog and you’ll undoubtedly see someone complaining about the lack of peanut butter in Argentina.

Well, tell them to stop their bitching. Peanut butter is here in a big way.

While there was always a way to find peanut butter in Barrio Chino or at one of the dietetica’s it often left much to be desired. The brands in Barrio Chino typically had tons of sugar added and the others were often a weird pasty substance. Now, there’s two real options for you:

Dame Mani Peanut Butter ArgentinaDame Mani has long been one of the biggest brand of Argentine peanut butter, but only recently did they add an all natural option. The new “maní untable natural” has absolutely no added ingredients. It is now available in pretty much every supermarket. A 510g jar goes for about $28 pesos. Unfortunately they only have a creamy option, so chunky lovers are out of luck with this one, but…

Mil Mantecas Peanut Butter Buenos AiresOur much preferred choice is the handmade peanut butter from Mil Mantecas. Recently opened, this expat business handcrafts each batch – creamy or crunchy – from only the finest ingredients. Each jar is 340g of what I like to consider fine, craft peanut butter.

The crunchy we had was without a doubt the best I’ve ever eaten. I actually had to look at the ingredients again to confirm that it did not have any added sugar. The combination of sweet and extra crunchy was just perfect.

Mil Mantecas hand delivers each order and prices start at $25 pesos for classic and $30 pesos for crunchy plus delivery. Discounts are available for larger orders. It’s a bit more than the store bought brands but for the freshness and quality, it can’t be beat.

Now that you’ve got your peanut butter fix handled, it’s time to go back to bitching about other things like broken sidewalks and dog crap. :)



The Best Food Blogs in Buenos Aires

I’ll admit it. I’m a foodie.

I was one of the first diners at Casa Mun. I’ve been to Aramburu. I had dinner with GAJO. I did The Pale Blue Door in San Telmo and almost all the other closed door restaurants too. I crave Osaka. Hell, I even made it to P.F. Chang’s opening weekend (no really, it is a big deal here).

What I’m not is a food blogger. It’s just not my forte. Oh, I’ve had many plans to blog about some of these great meals, it just doesn’t often happen. I get home, stuffed and tipsy, and take a look at the iPhone photos of my food and realize, “Hmmm… it looked much better in person.” Then the desire to blog just fades away.

Buenos Aires' Best Food BlogsLuckily, there are a number of awesome food bloggers in Buenos Aires to pick up the slack and provide the scoop on the best places to eat. They’ve given me tons of insight and tips on where to find the ultimate dining experiences, so I thought it was only fair that I share my favorites with you.

1. Pick Up The Fork
Allie’s “Pick Up The Fork” is my go-to source for all the best tips on Buenos Aires dining. From closed door restaurants to cheap eats to the most exclusive places, she pretty much covers it all. You can see from her awards page and number of Facebook likes that a lot of other people agree as well. Her blogging has even launched the Buenos Aires Food Tour which will give you an awesome, non-touristy way to explore some of the best Buenos Aires dining spots.

2. The Lost Asian
Frances’ “The Lost Asian” blog features her amazing food photography and reviews as she eats her way around the city. If I have only one complaint about the blog it’s that the photos make every place look really good, even if she doesn’t score them very highly. Sometimes I forget to read the text as the photos are just so mouth-watering. Frances’ food blogging has also lead to her own closed-door restaurant, The Hidden Kitchen, in Palermo Soho.

3. Sorrel Moseley-Williams
While not “technically” a food blog, Sorrel’s personal blog has been featuring more and more restaurant and food reviews. She handles restaurant reviews, wine reviews and a lot more. It’s definitely worth Checking out.

4. Salt Shaker
“Salt Shaker” is blog from Dan Perlman, food blogger extraordinaire and owner of Casa Salt Shaker, Buenos Aires’ first puerta cerrada. While the site design may be in need of an update, the information and reviews are not. Dan regularly reviews restaurants, alcohol, wine and his own dinners on the site and it makes for great reading. There’s been many places I’ve tried based on Dan’s recommendations.

5. La Panza Portena
Paige’s “La Panza Portena” also provides great reviews and stunning photos of her Buenos Aires dining experiences. Follow her blog and I can guarantee you’ll find a number of new places to try.

6. Buenos Aires Foodies 
Maria shares information about the entire Buenos Aires food scene on her “Buenos Aires Foodies” blog. She covers restaurants, events, shops, resources and much more. She also has a food guide and gourmet shop available on the site.

We only covered the English-language blogs of BA. There’s quite a few other amazing food guides and blogs in Spanish as well. You should be sure to check out: Guia Óleo (the Zagat’s of Argentina), Restorando (the Open Table of Argentina) and Planeta Joy.

Those are our favorites. Hope they help steer you in the right direction as well. Please let us know in the comments if you have some other favorites of your own.



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