How Bad Is Inflation In Argentina?

Inflation in Argentina is terrible. Ever since the government allowed the peso to devalue on January 24, prices have risen dramatically. Even those who have dollars cannot keep up as the blue rate has not kept pace with inflation. Argentina is well on its way to hyperinflation.

Living here, we see price increases on a daily basis, but one of the most striking examples we have seen recently comes from our favorite sushi delivery place – Oi Sushi (really good sushi in Buenos Aires is hard to find). Take a look at their menu from February 2014:

oi sushi menu old How Bad Is Inflation In Argentina?

And now the menu we just got in March 2014:

oi sushi menu new How Bad Is Inflation In Argentina?

Yes, as expected prices are higher – from 9% to a whopping 34% more!

What’s most interesting though is that they decided not to print prices on their new menu – every price is filled in by hand. That’s a lot of extra effort, but saves on the cost of printing a new menu every month. That’s crazy!


Freddo Ice Cream – $257 Pesos A Kilo!

If you thought inflation in Argentina was bad, check out the price of a kilo of Freddo in Punta del Este:

freddo punta del este Freddo Ice Cream   $257 Pesos A Kilo!

Yes, that’s UYU $500, but that works out to U$S 22 or $257 Argentine pesos! (And yes, this Freddo is inside the Conrad Punta del Este where everything is super expensive.)

It’s pretty easy to see why there’s less and less Argentines vacationing in Punta del Este – it’s way too expensive compared to vacationing on the Argentine coast. In fact, I would guess that at least 80% of the guests at the Conrad were Brazilian. We heard a ton more Portuguese than Spanish.

So, now that we’re out of Hilton points (and not going to actually pay U$S 500/night for the Conrad), I think this will be our last trip to Punta for some time. I’d much prefer vacationing in Cariló where it’s just as nice and everything is at least half the price.


Time To Lock Up The Cheese

File this one under “Only in Argentina.”

Looks like with all the inflation in Buenos Aires, shredded cheese (queso rallado) has hit $70 pesos a bag and this grocery store is worried about it being stolen – bags of shredded cheese have had security tags installed on them.

cheese prices argentina Time To Lock Up The CheeseI’m not quite sure what’s to prevent someone from tearing these tags off though – it is just a foil bag, right?

- Hat tip to /r/argentina



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